Inspect Accurately

Reduce cost while increasing detection


Accurate Detection

State of the art depth cameras detect lips, cracks, dips, and other sidewalk deficiencies 


​Cameras are accurate to within 1 mm - much better than traditional human judgment

Reduced Costs


Reduce labor costs of manually walking and inspecting sidewalks

Lower search and detection costs by mapping all sidewalk deficiencies by GPS

Reduced Time

Multiple robots working at once reduce operation time


  1. Gain real-life data to demonstrate cost savings with proper metrics​​

  2. Introduce robots to the community in a safe and engaging way​

  3. Demonstrate the effectiveness of depth cameras vs. the human eye


Inspection pilots starting at under $10,000 including

  • Robot(s) and inspection attachments ​

  • A Top Hat Robotics employee operating the robots and monitoring the operation​​

  • Detailed reports on long term feasibility

  • KPI's specific to your sidewalks