Make Your

Sidewalks Safer

Reduce cost and liability with our brining robots


Reduce Cost

  • Reduce sidewalk replacement costs from salt erosion.

  • Lower liability by ensuring clean sidewalks with video proof.

  • Reduce labor costs and high turnover rates in larger scale snow operations.

Be Proactive


  • By brining up to 24 hours before storms the brine acts like a "non-stick" pan, eliminating that first layer of stuck snow.

  • Pre-sprayed brine will melt up to the first inch of snow during a storm.

Environmentally Friendly 

  • Brine uses less salt than traditional rock salt, reducing the amount of salt in our water tables.

  • Brine is more accurate from our bots than throwing rock salt, resulting in less grass burn and more accurate melting.


Salt Brining Pilots booking winter 2020/2021 include:

  • Robot (s) and salt brining attachments 

  • A Top Hat Robotics employee operating the robots and monitoring the operation

  • Nightly operation from 10pm - 6am

  • Detailed reports on long term feasibility

  • KPI's specific to your sidewalks


  1. Gain real life data to demonstrate cost savings with proper metrics

   2. Introduce robots to the community         in a safe and engaging way

   3. Demonstrate the environmental             savings of using salt brining robots

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