Make Daily Jobs Easier With Sidewalk Robots

Top Hat Robotics is a rapidly growing robotics company based in Ontario, Canada. We are building sidewalk robots to do important daily tasks interchangeably. These robots are on track to be semi-autonomous and designed to decrease cost while increasing safety. Currently, we are booking pilots for our solutions to demonstrate the cost savings and introduce our robots to the public. 

Sidewalk Inspections


Safety is the #1 priority.

A few of the ways we ensure this are:

  • Robots are always monitored by humans, either in-person or remotely with real-time video feeds

  • With multiple cameras, Lidar, and 360° of sensors, our robots are always aware of their surroundings

  • Our robots take up less than half of the sidewalk, always allowing people to walk by

  • Our robots travel at walking speed & stop when pedestrians are within 10 feet of them

  • Robots operate on off-peak hours, providing for less pedestrian interruptions 



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